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The Bomb Shelter



You start here in Arroyo. After the scene with the Elder, you find yourself in front of the Temple. Get in there and kill some ants. You'll come across a door you can't open, use your lockpicking skills to open it and proceed. Kill some more ants and scorpions and always check the chests and baskets you come across. Take the plastic explosives in one of the baskets. You'll encounter a door that your lockpick skills cannot crack. Use the plastic explosives on the door and proceed. Eventually, after all those ants and scorpions, you'll encounter a villager who challenges you as the final test. Be sure to heal before the fight because this one will be tough.

After defeating the village champion, proceed outside. Go to Hakunin and he'll ask you to help him with his weed problem. Get to his garden and kick some plant butt. Return to him and he'll give you some healing bags. Talk to the Nagor to the east of Hakunin's hut and he'll ask you to help him find his dog Smoke. Proceed west to the Gecko area and find Smoke. Walk around the village and find someone who can train you. There'll be two people who can train you. Also, you can find 100 bucks in your evil aunt's hut. Proceed south and talk to Mynoc at the bridge. If you have a high perception, you'll notice that his spear is sharper than most and he'll ask you to go to your evil aunt for some flint. Go to your aunt and do whatever she asks for the flint. Or you could steal it from her or sweet talk her into giving it to you; your choice. Get back to the bridge and give the flint and he'll give you a sharper spear.