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The Bomb Shelter


The Den

Just like in Klamath, there is an ads board at the entrance of the town. Be sure to read it and know where the stores are. The tasks can be performed in any order so just use this as a guide.

1. Talk to Becky, she'll ask you to collect from Fred, Fred lives near Becky's, just south of her building. Offer Fred to pay half of his debt and go back to Becky, she'll share the profits. Talk to her again, and she'll ask you to get a book from Derek who lives just south of Mom's. Unfortunately, Derek's a little high so you'll have to scour the town for that book. Good luck!

2. There is a gang southwest of Becky's, and their leader is offering you a job. Go to the church and talk to the guards outside, tell them Metzger wants to be sure of his loot and they'll let you in. Examine the boxes and report back to Lara. Next, Lara'll want you to talk to Metzger to allow a gang war, head back once Metzger gives his ok. Then, Lara wants you to see if there are any weaknesses in Tyler's gang. Talk again to the guards at the church and you'll learn that they'll be having a party later. Go back to Lara and tell her about the party. She'll want you to join the rumble just in case it's a trap. Join up and help Lara kick some butt. Afterwards, collect your cash.

3. To the west of the town, you'll find a junkyard and it's owner, Smitty. Smitty's willing to sell his car if you can find the parts needed to run it. The first part is in Klamath, there is a car there you can get to by going through the rat-infested underground. The second one is found in Gecko.

4. Metzger is holding Vic the Trader, ask Metzger if you can talk to Vic. Talk to Vic and give him his radio that you found in his house in Klamath. Go talk to Metzger and offer to buy Vic.

5. There is a haunted house in this town, talk to the ghost during the night and learn about the missing necklace. Go to Mom's and ask about the haunted house. She'll tell you about a kid who stole a necklace from that house. That kid is Joey, he's right beside Frank's house. Threaten him that the ghost will haunt him, he'll give you the necklace. Give the necklace to the ghost. The ghost will disappear and leave her bones. Take the bones and bury her in the cemetary. Look for the tombstone with the name Anna. You'll need a shovel. There's a shovel in Arroyo and other places.