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The Bomb Shelter



Once you arrive at Klamath, inspect the ads board and check out the town. If you want more info ask the drunken man near the ads board and pay him for some info. There are several things you can do in Klamath and you can proceed in any order you wish.

1. Torr is in need of a brahmin protector and help him eliminate the mini radscorpions.

2. Sulik is being held a slave and you can help him by paying the 350 bucks he owes.

3. Mrs. Buckner needs you to find Smiley, proceed to the Toxic Caves and help him get out.

4. The West end of Klamath is in need of an exterminator, get in there and kill Kee-eng Ra'at. (while in there, find a way to get to the Highwayman and get the car part)

5. The man in the Buckner place needs to refuel his still, go south and be wary of geckos and place the logs into the distiller and head back.