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The Bomb Shelter



Modoc is the town where you can get married if you're not careful. If you want to stay single, save before you do anything in this town.

The trading post doesn't sell anything because of the drought. The man there wants you to go check out the Ghost Farm up north because food grows there. He also wants you to find Karl who hides now in the Den at Mom's.

Jonny is missing, go check the well using a rope which you can find around here. You'll end up finding a stash of cash and Jonny's bb gun. Go show this to his father at the Tannery. Remember his father's name, you'll need it later.

East of the town, you'll find Rose's Bed & Breakfast. The old guy who owns the place lost his valuable watch and blames Farrel. Go talk to him then Farrel. The watch was actually stolen by a mole rat under the outhouse. Open the bathroom hatch and go in. Set some explosives down there and get out. This'll blow up the whole place and remove the rubble down there. Get back down and kill the rat and get the watch. Give it to Farrel.

Farrel has some rat problems in his garden, help him get rid of the rodents.

The Ghost Farm is all a ruse by the Slags to keep people out. Walk into the shack and fall to their base. Talk to Vegeir and learn about his proposition to Modoc. Return to Modoc and tell the guy in the Trading Post about the Slags and about Karl. He'll be convinced to ally with the Slags.

You can now go to the Den and tell Karl to come home.

Jonny is with the Slags, you can talk to him and tell him his father's name and he'll come with you. Ask Vegeir permission to leave. Balthas will give you a cool jacket.