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The Bomb Shelter

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12/24/98 - hard disk crashed, but i managed to save some files, but updating the walkthrough will take some time, pls bear with me. the 1.02D patch is out but old savegames won't work, so i'll restart a new game and see if anything needs to be added to the walkthrough. I'm currently working on the New Reno and Redding walkthroughs, and post them as soon as i can.

announcement: to those looking for cheats and hacks, pls don't email me about them. look elsewhere.

addendum: Merry Christmas to all Vault Dwellers!!!!!

11/22/98 - had to change the name of the site, someone was using it already; too bad, i kinda liked the orginal namel; i'm still waiting for the patch, interplay hurry up!!!; the walkthrough is 1/4 done, the early parts are already posted, enjoy!!

11/21/98 - just finished Fallout 2 for the first time. many thanks to Interplay and the Fallout Team for a great game. the patch is still pending due to some bugs. the walkthrough will be forthcoming as i anticipate the patch so i can load this game faster. hurry up guys!!!