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The Bomb Shelter



You won't complete Redding's quests in one visiting because you'll need some heavy firepower and experience for some parts of this town.

If you've got the experience, offer your services to the sheriff with a bad leg. He'll give you several tasks to perform.

1. Evict the widow southwest of the sheriff's office. You can offer to pay her rent of $120 and get 1500xp. Good tradeoff.

2. Break a fight in the Malamute Bar. Threaten to load your weapons to either miner and you can jail them all or only one group.

3. Someone cut a hooker at the Malamute. Go talk to the owner about it and learn that a Morningstar miner could be behind it. Go there and talk to Hakeville and he'll confess. Lock him up.

4. Criminal Frog Morton has taken up residence over at the Winamingo Mine. Go teach his gang a lesson. Load up well for his gang is well equipped with shotguns. Frog has a cool weapon but ammo is scarce until late in the game.

Mayor Ascorti has a deal to offer. Buy the Winamingo Mine for $1000 and clear it of Winamingos and he'll buy it back for $2500. Be sure to have a big gun before you try this quest because Winamingos make Deathclaws look like dead Brahmin. While down there, go check out the old mining machine for a drilling chip and sell it to either Morningstar or Kokoweef for $1000.