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The Bomb Shelter


New Reno

Once you enter New Reno, talk to Jules for some info about the town and get discounts on some of the stores.

The Cat's Paw is there to fill your fraudulent desires, indulge yourself.

The trick with the families here is to do the early jobs for each but don't perform immediately their final test because that will make you a Made Man(or Woman as the game sexistly failed to mention) for a particular family and thus cannot go to the other families anymore.

The first family you encounter in Virgin Road are the Mordinos, talk to Little Jesus down at the bar for some info. Go up and talk to Big Jesus and put a little respect in your words, you don't want a fight right now. If you're a woman, swallow your pride and grovel for a job because the Mordino's are sexist. The first job is simple, deliver some Jet to the Jet plant. Next, he will want you to collect from the Corsican brothers, just go to the Porn House and collect from the guy there. Finally, he will want you to kill Mr. Salvatore who is the boss of the Salvatore family.

I don't recommend becoming a Porn Star or a Prize Fighter because you'll have a hard time sneaking and stealing because of your celebrity status. Also, Mr. Salvatore won't talk to you if you become a Porn Star. Some families do maintain some dignity here.

The Shark Club houses the Bishop family and you can only talk to Mr. Bishop once you get the briefcase from the "evangelist" in Vault City. You can also have some fun with Mrs. Bishop and get a PipBoy upgrade and some other cool stuff. If you're a male character, you can also screw Angela Bishop and get a special mention in the ending. Bishop's room is the furthest and the safe is trapped. Inside, there's a disk that details Bishop's involvement with the raiders. Show this to the First Citizen at Vault City. You'll also get a map to where the raiders are camped. Go kick dust in their eyes. Mr. Bishop will want you to kill Westin over at NCR, but there's a catch, it should be done in such a way that it looks like an accident. Ask Bishop for some more info and learn about Westin's heart condition, that should give you a clue.

The Salvatore's have the upper hand over the other families because the deal with the Enclave. They got laser pistols. Be careful around these guys. Mr. Salvatore will want you to find Lloyd and collect his $1000. Lloyd hides under the Desperado, in the basement. Your discretion if you want to let him go and you pay Salvatore or have Lloyd dig up the cash in Golgotha. Make sure you let Lloyd do the digging, because there's a land mine on the grave. Take the cash and either let him go or make sure dead men tell no tales. Go back to Salvatore and give him the $1000, and you'll get a share. Next, he'll want you to collect from Renesco over the West side of New Reno. Unfortunately, Renesco doesn't have the cash, so strike a deal, you'll get a "discount" and you'll pay Salvatore the 1000 bucks. Take everything from Renesco and head back to Salvatore. You'll get your usual cut. Finally, he'll want you to be a bodyguard during a meeting with the Enclave. Just don't move during this meeting or you'll start a fight.

The Wrights are over East and they want to find out who killed Richard. Talk to Keith and ask to see Richard's room. Search his bookcase and find an empty Jet canister. Talk to Keith about this and head back. Talk to Jimmy J, outside the boxing house and show him the canister. Then go to Renesco and show him the canister. He'll get nervous and tell you that the Salvatore's own him and told him to lace the Jet with poison. Go tell Orville Wright about the poison and the Salvatore involvement. Then, you'll get to check out the Sierra Depot which will be pointed out to you by him.

Your car will get stolen here. Just talk to Jules and threaten him, he'll lead you to the Chop Shop up North. Either take the car by force or diplomatically buy it back. Buying it back will let you upgrade it further and get fuel every week. If you're a woman, you can get the car for free. Just screw the boss.