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The Bomb Shelter


Sierra Army Depot

The location of this depot can be obtained after you solve Richard Wright's murder from Orville Wright.

The turrets guarding this place is tough, make sure you have at least an assault rifle and a scoped rifle to deal with them.

The small shack to the west contains a Howitzer shell and some other stuff. Get in there with your lockpick skills.

To the east, there is a Howitzer cannon. Just load the shell and fire. This will open up the door to the base.

There is a power switch northeast in the basement, turning this off will turn the shields inside red which you can pass but take damage. This will also turn off the lights inside.

The password is written in a piece of paper inside the first desk you see when you get inside. Use it to turn off the shields in the first floor.

Southeast of the first floor, there is an eye which will give you access to levels 1-3. Use the eye in the retina scanner of the elevators to gain access.

Shields can be temporarily deactivated by using your repair skill.

In the 3rd level, northeast, there is an office with a safe that holds Clifton's eye. Use this eye to gain access to level 4.

The main computer here wants to leave, you can help it by obtaining:

1. biomed gel - can be found beside the robot northwest of level 3.

2. motivator - robots that look like the one northwest of level 3 have this. Destroy one and take it then run to the elevator.

3. brain - there are 4 different brains in storage in level 4, your science skill level will determine what type of brain you'll get. Have at least 130 science to get the cybernetic brain.

Once you've obtained these, put them in the robot northwest of level 3, then use the computer terminal to transfer the computer to the brain. Now you have a new companion who is good with rifles and science.