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The Bomb Shelter

The Story thus far...

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It's been eighty years since the original Vault Dweller was exiled from his home of Vault 13. Much has changed in the world, but life was still harsh in the desolate wastes. The Vault Dweller travelled north, an area previously uncharted in his time. For no one that went there, ever came back. His sacrifices did not go unnoticed though, several factions in Vault 13 revolted and separated from their origins to join him in his exile. The wasteland was harsh and did not spare his companions. Many of them died on the way and yet they never doubted him.

Finally, after crossing the great canyons, the Vault Dweller settled in a quiet village now known as Arroyo. There he founded a new community, and started to build anew. He fell in love with one of his companions who has remained anonymous in recorded history. They lived a harsh yet contented life in the wastes. They led their people as wise leaders often do, and thus Arroyo prospered.

This is where you come in. After several generations, you are the direct descendant of the Vault Dweller. His blood runs in you veins. His spirit and fire live in your heart. And you, as the Vault Dweller once did, must venture out and try to save your people.

It is your destiny.

It is your birthright.

Do not fail your people, Successor to the Vault Dweller.

Find the GECK and fulfill the prophecy, Chosen One...............