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Fallout 2 has been the most anticipated RPG this year. Especially since it's predecessor garnered various accolades from various critics and fans alike. Fallout 1 originally was planned to be a GURPS project, but the deal was scrapped due to intellectual differences of the parties involved. Many fans feared that the game would never be released.

The Story





Fortunately, the Fallout team did not lose hope and proceeded with a GURPS-less game. A lot of people thought it would fail due to the fact that the style was very different from traditional RPGs of the time. There were no dragons, fairies, nor knights. What kind of an RPG would be without them? A kickass one, as it turned out to be. Fallout was launched with hardly a whisper especially in my area. I came by this game by accident and decided to try this new "RPG". I was completely hooked. The story was compelling, the setting was eerie yet exciting, the characters diverse and not the stereotypical kind, and everything else melded together into a massively addicting game.


Many others experienced the same thing. Fallout was more addicting than the drugs inside the game. You decided what your character would become. It surpassed all the other pretentious RPGs out there. Finally, here was a game where you could really be what you wanted to be. Either you be a symbol of light or you could be the slimiest of scoundrels. Or you could opt for something in between. The choice was yours.

The quests were also diverse and interconnected that they made it so addicting that the player wanted to keep on trying to complete the quest just to see the reactions of the persons involved. The fact that your actions have an effect on your environment was astounding and fresh from the static worlds of magic and fantasy. The endings too were amazing. The paths you took determine what endings you will see. This game kept me coming back for more just to see the different endings.

  Unfortunately, it wasn't all peachy. The game suffered from some bugs and glitches. Sometimes the game would just lockup for no reason. Saving and loading took forever. Some characters keep asking for something even though you already performed the task, etc. But these things were minor under the magnificent way the plot was told and played out.
  This site will focus on the latest wasteland adventure, Fallout 2. I'll try to provide stuff for all the Fallout fans out there. Just check out the pages and hope you find what you're looking for.

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